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By Lewis Irons, Jul 26 2016 09:00AM

A SUMMER camping programme has started today, as part of the Fabb-i-do Weekends schedule.

Crazy Camping is a three day programme including outdoor cooking, tent pitching and night walks.

The event starts today in Callander at Fabb's central hub, in what are beautiful and safe surroundings.

Inclusion manager Emma Close said: "Our Crazy Camping event is a brilliant way for those who attend to experience the great outdoors, and you'd struggle to find a more incredible location than here at Callander."

She added: "We have a great group coming along, and we're going to experience cooking on the campfire, learn a few wilderness skills and go on a night walk, an of course much, much more, so I'm sure everyone will have a great time."

By Lewis Irons, Jul 25 2016 09:00AM

TWO of Fabb Scotland's most exciting programmes are coming together in one exciting blend: 'On yer bike'.

Blazing Saddles, an inclusive cycling project, is now launching a themed weekend, in conjunction with Fabb's Fabb-i-do Weekends.

The event will offer the opportunity to learn more about bikes and of course have a cycle.

Based at the charities central hub in Callander, the programme of events will be carried out in safe and beautiful surroundings.

To read more and to get in touch, download a detailed programme here: http://www.fabb.org.uk/blazing-saddles/4585406530

By Lewis Irons, Jul 23 2016 01:00PM

INC - Fabb's joint project with the Action Group - is currently in its final year, but it is reaching new levels of popularity.

The summer play-scheme includes day events and activities including Blair Drummond Safari Park, country park trips and water sports.

And although Fabb have been running these play-schemes for over 15 years, of which INC has been running for two, there are more young adults and children attending now.

The joint consortium with the Action Group was a three year agreement which is coming to an end on a high note, but the play-schemes themselves show no sign of coming to an end any time soon.

Fabb Chief-executive Fiona Hird said: "We hope that the City of Edinburgh council will continue to support the development of summer activity programmes for children in the future.

"It gives families vital respite over the long school break and it's great to see that they are becoming more and more popular."

By Lewis Irons, Jul 22 2016 09:00AM

IT IS an exciting time for Fabb Scotland, who are reaping the rewards after acquiring a central base for one of their most rapidly-developing programmes - Fabb Adventure.

With a view to the future of everyone involved with Fabb - from workers and volunteers to those who attend the many groups and programmes - a central hub in Callander has been purchased and is just the start of what looks to be an exciting few years.

Fabb Adventure is a set-up comprising three of the charities programmes: Blazing Saddles, Fabb-i-do weekends and Fabb Living.

And now that a hub has been secured for the future, the benefits of the charities work can now be reached by more and more people all across the country.

Fabb's Chief-executive Fiona Hird said: "This was something we've been looking to do for a long time and now that we've achieved our goal it is nothing short of a dream come true for everyone at Fabb.

"One of our goals is not to provide care, but challenges, experiences and memories for as many people as we can.

She added: "We acquired the centre in ... and since then it is already going from strength to strength and we are already seeing the positives of the acquisition."

By Lewis Irons, Jul 20 2016 09:00AM

IT WAS a long weekend to remember for the group of staff, volunteers and young adults who made the trip to Belfast as part of the Fabb-i-do Weekends programme.

From the Giant's Causeway to the W5 Museum, there were unique and memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy in what was a fun-filled few days.

-The group pictured at the Giant's Causeway

Heading over on Friday July 1, the group took the ferry across to the Northern Irish capital where they stayed in the Mourne Lodge, situated in the famous Mourne Mountains.

And of course, when you think of Belfast you cannot forget the Titanic museum, which made for an unforgettable trip for the 15 people who made the trip.

Angela Baker, 29, who has attended Fabb events for a number of years, was thrilled to finally visit Belfast.

She said: "It was amazing to finally go over to Belfast and it was even better that it was with my friends.

"I had so much fun and I hope we can go back soon."

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