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This story is short and inspirational! Blazing Saddles is an All Ability Mobile Cycling Project administered by FABB Scotland. It provides regular bike sessions for children and young people in the pilot areas of Edinburgh, Fife and Dundee.


Case Study 1: Over a six week period we have seen children and young people become more confident; learning how to ride an adaptive bike and progress from cycling with a volunteer to cycling on their own; from being persuaded to “have a go” on a bike to asking to ride our range of progressive bikes independently and “just for fun”!



"A huge thank

you from all the

staff and pupils at St

Andrew's school for

a great experience

with Blazing


deputy head,

st andrew's primary,


Case Study 2: One autistic 15 year old thought it was great fun to ram the bike into the wall, this stopped by introducing stimulating on bike games and now when staff and volunteers go over to check that he’s okay instead of a short abrupt response to leave him alone, we now get a “yes, thank you” before he speeds off to complete another lap.


We are working to set up 12 all ability cycling hubs across Scotland by 2017!

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